Darmasiswa in PNJ

DARMASISWA  SCHOLARSHIP or DSRI (Darmasiswa Republik Indonesia)

Darmasiswa Scholarship  is a kind of scholarship offered by The Ministry of Education of Indonesia. The target of this scholarship is for foreign students to learn Indonesian language and Culture. The foreign students will stay in Indonesia for either 6 months or one year. The purpose of this program is to promote Indonesian Language and Culture around the world. So if you are 15-25 years old, you can take this scholarship. If interested, you can visit Indonesian Embassy in your home country and fill out the forms. There will be some requirements  and  documents  needed.

About DSRI in PNJ

This year (in 2012) is the second year that PNJ has accepted and conducted  the DSRI program. The participants are coming from Germany, Equador and Mexico. They are learning Indonesian Language and Culture. They also explore more about Indonesian Islands, local language, food and beverages.

Last year, PNJ accepted the Cambodian Students to learn. They not only studied the Language and culture,  but also learned more about  Engineering. They were put in three different kinds of major; namely Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic and Electrical Engineering. They took 6 month-study.

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