Toll Way Study Program

Toll Way Study Program

Study program Design of Highway and Bridge Engineering, Concentration: Toll Way

The separation of concentration is conducted since 1st semester as a vocational applied science program founded by PNJ in cooperation with PT Jasa Marga and opened since 2003/2004 academic year. The program is aimed to prepare the competent professionals in infrastructure and toll way management. The student is trained to prepare the feasibility study, design, build, operate and maintain the toll way. The toll way program offer regular program for the graduate of senior high school and technical high school as well as transferring graduate of bachelor of D-III civil engineering program.

The graduates may fulfill the management position level in the companies such as: engineering contractor, consultant, government, bank, toll way operator etc.

Bridge and Highway Design Study Program

The program is abbreviated as PJJ, having two concentrations i.e: Toll way and Bridge and Highway Design. The duration is 8 semesters. Founded by PNJ in cooperation with PT Bakri Metal Industri and PT Jasa Marga. The theories are conduct by PNJ, meanwhile practices, field study and excursion are done by PT Jasa Marga.

The main subjects of Toll Way are: toll way geometry, bridge construction, toll way MIS, toll way management, toll way construction and the analysis of the impact of environment.

The main subjects of bridge and highway are: highway construction, bridge construction, construction management, maintenance and repair of highway, maintenance and repair of bridge, civil construction and budgeting of bridge and highway.

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