Living and Around Depok

Depok is a city in West Java and the “de” of the massive Jabodetabek conurbation around Jakarta.

Location of Depok (Coordinates): 6°23’24″ S 106°49’48″E

Nickname(s): Kota Belimbing (Starfruit City)


  • Get in

Located just south of Jakarta, Depok proper has one main road, the Margonda Raya, connecting it to Jakarta. It is thus not hard to imagine that the road can be very crowded in the mornings and the evenings.

The other way to get into Depok is to take the Bogor line train. Depok has five stations: Citayam, Depok, Depok Baru, Pondok Cina, Universitas Indonesia. All economy class (including AC-economy class) trains stop at these stations, and express services stop at Depok and Depok Baru. Several express and semi-express trains stop at Universitas Indonesia halt, obviously for the benefit of students, but also useful when you are living in the northern part of the city. It takes 25 to 70 minutes to get to Depok depending on the train class and on from where in Jakarta you’re coming from.

DAMRI buses, airport bus, pickup points are Pasar Minggu, in southern Jakarta, and also Kampung Rambutan bus terminal, in eastern Jakarta, to which you can go by regular bus or angkot. Alternatively, you can always travel by taxi, which you can find easily in Jalan Margonda Raya, or order by phone. Both reliable Blue Bird and Taxiku taxi companies have their depots in Depok.

  • Get around

The usual means of public transportation in Depok are angkot (minibuses) which ply Jl. Margonda Raya. Taxis from Jakarta are also available. Taking a train is also an option if your destination is not too far from the railway station.


Depok has a growing eclectic collection of malls and traditional markets. Older malls or other notable shopping centers include Mall Depok, Depok Plaza, and SixtyOne Building, and Depok ITC.

Depok has many local restaurants and is home to international chains such as McDonalds, A&W, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks.

Modern-day landmarks that were once known as Depok’s primary shopping centers, autoshop, education centre, Index Home Furnishings.[citation needed]

There are several new shopping centers in Depok: ITC Depok (anchor tenant: Carrefour), Depok Town Square — commonly referred to as DeTos (anchor tenant: Matahari), and the latest mall which is Margo City[12] (anchor tenants: Centro, Giant, Electronic City), all on Margonda Raya street.

Traditional markets include Pasar Depok Baru, Pasar Depok Lama, Pasar Kemiri, Pasar PAL, Pasar Agung, Pasar Musi, Pasar Majapahit.

Depok has several major bookstores including a Gramedia and Toko Gunung Agung and a large collection of small roadside bookstores.


Margo City mall


Masjid Kubah Emas

Activities & Facilities:

  • Do

Cycling, walking and jogging at the University of Indonesia Campus are another recreational activities during weekend in Depok. Many locals go there especially on Sunday. Free market is available in this moment close to university’s fence where you can buy cheap things from food to CDs, and from clothes to utensils.

  • Buy

At the end of the year, it’s the durian season; durian is a tropical fruit sold by locals along the road from Depok to Bogor. Durians here are cheap and good enough. Don’t hesitate to bargain the price and tell them that you only pay a good one. The seller will choose the fruit for you, open a small hole and take a little fruit for you to taste. If you’re satisfied with the taste, they will open the whole fruit for you if you want to finish the fruit in their place.

  • Eat

Depok has 2 main roads connecting north and south region title Jl Raya Bogor and Jl Margonda. There are many restaurants along these roads with various cuisine from East Java to Western cuisine.

A cheaper meal can be found in students cafe either in the university or in a area close to the university.

  • Drink

Like other city in West Java province, Depok has similar drinks. The variety of options are young coconut water with ice and palm sugar, mixed chunk fruit and jelly with ice, blended fruit with ice. They are refreshing for a really hot day. For those who is on diet should drink carefully because they are high energy drinks.

Most drinks seller buy ice cubes from a market and bring them by motor bike or tricycle. Ice cubes handling is careless with the possible spread of bacteria. Therefore caution should be taken and take anti-diarrhea if required.

  • Sleep

Along Margonda road, there are only 2 hotels available. They’re 3 stars hotel named “Bumi Wiyata Hotel” and “Wisma Makara”.

Bumi Wiyata located in the main road and close to amenity whereas Wisma Makara located within University and a little bit far from main road. Choose Wisma Makara if peaceful and simplicity are your preference.

For longer-term staying, the Margonda Residence Apartments, located on Margonda Raya is quite useful. As yet, it is the only apartment in Depok although others are being built. It is across the road from Universitas Indonesia, on the north part of the city.

Get out & Stay Safe

Compared to Jakarta and its other western and eastern satellite cities (Tangerang and Bekasi respectively), Depok is relatively safer.

Public Places around Depok

  1. Ragunan Zoo in South Jakarta
  2. Bogor Botanical Garden in Bogor
  3. Monas (National Monument) in Central Jakarta next to Gambir  Train Central Station
  4. Istana Merdeka ( Presidential Palace) in Central Jakarta
  5. Setu Babakan ( a Lake) , it’s four or five kilometers southeast of Ragunan Zoo in South Jakarta, on the way to Depok
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