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    1. Business administration
    2. Accounting
    3. Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition (MICE)
    4. Application Business administration
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    1. Business administration :
    2. Accounting:
    3. Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition (MICE) :
    4. Application Business administration :


  1. Description of Department and Study Programs


  1. Cooperation :
    1. Local : – INCCA (Indonesia Congress and Convention Assocoation

-          AIABI (Asosiasi Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis Indonesia)

-          Mandiri Bank, Muamalat Bank, PT. Bayer Indonesia, PT. Tirta Investama (AQUA), PT. Indopelita Aircraft Services, etc.

  1. International : ……………




  1. Achievements

In this globalization age, demanded maximum capabilities of students to be able to compete in the business world working in and adapt to rapid technological developments. Therefore, in the PNJ learning programs supported by all the educational facilities so that the graduates can be absorbed in companies, institutions which related to their fields and may ultimately create jobs independently.

  1. Activities
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    2. International :
  2. Description of Department and Study Programs
    1. A.    Business administration

These programs are aimed to produce power of Professional Madya Expert in the general field of administration and specialized field of administration company , which is oriented to fulfill of business and industry, then this program is competency-based curriculum of the world. In addition, superior in terms of using the information technology and specialize field of mastery of the English language. Based on the decision BAN PT No.013/BAN-PT/Ak-X/Dipl-III/VIII/2010, Business Administration study program got the value A of accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for University (BAN-PT) is valid until August 20, 2015.


Graduates Profile

The graduates are expected to deal with office clerical work effectively and  efficiently, to manage office facilities, process the data accurately, communicate effectively (both oral and written in Indonesian and English), information to support office work, organization on tactical operations level, and has an entrepreneurial spirit


Graduates Profession Prospects

The graduates can be worked in the general field of manufacturing industrial, trade, and other government institutions, the positions as Assistant Office Manager, supervisor’s office, secretary, administrative staff or entrepreneurship.


  1. B.     Accounting

This program is a vocational education levels of D-III, was established in 1986 with the accreditation A, prepare professionals human resource and competent in the field of accounting which is able to calculate the cost of products and services, budgeting, internal control perform, implement the system of information technology on accounting process. Accounting Study Program offers regular programs for the graduates of SMTA IPA / IPS and SMK of accounting program. operation Study Program No. 004/BAN-PT/Ak-XII/Dpl-III/V/2012 is valid until May 11, 2017.


This study program as source of accounting professionals organization of information technology-based internationally.


This program produces and develops quality human resources in the field of accounting whom faithful and devoted to God Almighty. To meet of industry and society


The goal of accounting study program is to prepare Madya Poliktenik with professional skills in the field of accounting that can be fill the position equivalent to the planners, implementers, supervisors in the service industry, trade and manufacturing.


Accounting study program produces the students who have the skill:

- Completing the accounting cycle <business transaction bookkeeping> and the presentation the correct and exact of the financial statements.

- Applying information technology systems in the management of financial and business transactions;

- Ability to calculate and completed tax administration properly and correctly.

- Able to develop and evaluate the budget correctly

-  Able to calculate the cost of products and services correctly;

- Creating and designing accounting information systems and the application of programs.

- Designing and implement tax administration correctly.

- Perform accounting audits of financial statements and internal control


  1. C.    Finance and banking study program

Finance and banking study program is vocational education D-III levels was established in 1984, to prepare professional human resources and competency in field of finance such payment traffic, perform the function tellers, investment analysis and administration of export and import. Finance and banking study program offers a regular program for graduates of SMTA IPA / IPS and SMK accounting. Operating License study program no. 004/BAN-PT/AK-XII/Dpl-III/V/2012 and is valid until May 11, 2017 with the accreditation A


This study program is expected to produces superior human resources in the field of finance and banking, competitive at the international level in 2020.


- The program is expected to produces graduates at the level of  Madya experts who have theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of finance and technology-based banking, as well as mastery of the international language, and able to create the jobs field.

-          Develop quality of teaching and learning process, by combining the knowledge of academics and practitioners in the field of finance and banking, in order to achieve the competencies of graduates according to the integrity of the user  

-          Develop financial and banking study program which  quality and have an extensive network, build relationships with industry, services, and alumni in order to facilitate the graduates in obtaining  job.

-          Implement Tri Dharma College, involving the active participation of the academic community and stakeholders


The purpose of this program is to prepare the manpower to fill the  position of Madya Polytechnic as equivalent to implementers, finance and banking supervisors by professional ability in the case of:

-          Bookkeeping, drafting and analysis of financial  report.

-          Carry out banking operational tasks (teller, customer service, bookkeeping, administration and  credit analysts, banks marketing services and others) based latest information technology.

-          Perform administrative financial portfolio analysis.

  1. D.    Competence finance and banking study program

- Produce the students who have the skills; communicate in the business world, both in Indonesian and English.

- Ability to carry out banking operations in terms; payment traffic, the teller function, account officer, service and marketing bank services product, accounting, banking, export-import administration.

-          Mampu melaksanakan pekerjaan operasinal pada lembaga keuangan lainnya di bidang analisis investasi, administrative lembaga keuangan non bank.

-          Able to carry out operational job on other financial institutions in the fields of investment analysis, administrative financial institutions non-bank.

E. Finance and Islamic Banking Law Studies Program (D-IV)

This program is a vocational education level D-IV most recently, established in 2009.


This program is a center of education and human resource development humane, that the concept of Islamic finance Law and information technology-based.


-          Produces and develop professional human resources in the field of Islamic finance Law qualified and devoted God Almighty.

-                      Preparing human resources humane whom controlling of Islamic economics concept and skillful in the operations of banks and non-bank institutions

-          Produce personnel skilled in Islamic finance Law have a soul of entrepreneurship and competitiveness at the international level.


The program aims to produce professional skilled in the field of Islamic banking to fulfill manpower in Islamic banking institutions and other financial institutions that require.


This program produces the graduates who have the skills;

-          Mastery of science well on the sciences of Islam (Islamic studies) that includes faith, character and Islamic law, and also by the internalization of the values ​​contained in it so it produces individuals possessing Islamic integrity (Islamic personal integrity) are powerful, knowledge mastery and science are up to date on the Islamic financial law institutions and their management.

-          Mastery of managerial skills and decision-making instruments, particularly in the management of Islamic financial law institutions.

-          Have the expertise to design, develop and applied the contract-agreement in practice of Islamic financial law.

-                      Have the expertise to analyze financial reporting on the institution of  Islamic financial law

-          – Have the ability to analyze project proposals submitted to Islamic financial law institutions.

-          – Possess expertise about the personal and inter-personal relationships (personal and interpersonal skills) are good.

F. Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition Study Program with accreditation B

This program aimed to meet the professional human resource needed in the field of Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition which is acceptable in the labor market, both present and future.

Competency-based curriculum that is needed the world of business and industry. Based on the decision of BAN-PT no.007/BAN-PT/Ak-VII/Dpl-IV/X/2010, Business Administration Study Program obtain accreditation B of BAN-PT, is valid until October 29, 2015.

Graduates Profession Prospects

Nowadays various companies need human resources who capable of organizing an event, whether the local, national and international events. The company, among others multi-national firms, in the fields of:

-          Hotel    

-          Profesional Convention Organizer

-          Profesional Exhibition Organizer    

-           Travel Bureau

-          Convention Bureau

-          Advertising Company

-          The mass media, both electronic and print

-          Company maintenance for  promotion event

Other job opportunities, graduates will have the opportunity to entrepreneurship by creating a new event organizer and self-managed.

G. Application Business administration Study Program S1 (T)

The program is to respond to the demand of skilled workers in the field of Business Administration. Than, the program is designed to address the challenges and benefits of any business opportunities, both national and in the era of globalization. The balance between hard skills and soft skills into the organization of goals S1 (T) Application Business Administration

Main Competencies Graduates

-          Have the knowledge and strong fundamentals business skills

-          Have an Enterpreuneur character.

-          Have an ethical and professional in conducting business.

-          Have skills in manage business operational.

-          Have the ability to adapt to the development of science and technology of business administration and situations real-world conditions.

-          Have the ability to manage complex business administration are independently and able to perform monitoring in the scope of work

Competence Supporting

-          Ability to work in different environments.

-          Able to deal with situations of conflict.

-          Ability to report financial activity and taxation.

-          Ability to apply knowledge of the legal system to run the task.

-          Able to prepare an offering

-          Ability to apply information and communication technology in business.

Graduates Prospects

As a business person, graduates of Application Business Administrative is expected to watch business issues in a more holistic, creative problem solving, able to analyze and synthesize concepts to solving the problem, so they have ability as a business person.

As a business professional, Application Business Administrative graduate also be trained in the field of business professionals who have business leadership and strong business thinking in the field of marketing, finance, accounting, operations, production, and human resources

Profession can be undertaken by alumni Application Business Administrative DIV, among others: financial staff, credit analysis, sales supervisor, chief marketing, human resources development, public relations officer, management consultant, and a variety of other professions in the field of business. Business Administration program also prepares their graduation to be able be an entrepreneur.

Competency Assessment Places

Supported by Profession Certification Institution P-1 State Polytechnic Jakarta, majoring in Business Administration/trading provide graduates with some certificates of competence, therefore has Competency Assessment Places

, as follows:

-          The Administration Global Competency Assessment Places

-          MICE affiliated with LSP MICE Competency Assessment Places

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